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Our Vision

Position Portugal in the global value chains of future healthcare markets, contributing to the improvement of quality of life

Our Mission

Streamline rapid medical responses to emergency and crisis situations



Surgical Helmet
PPE for high-risk environment with infectious agents

Technological platform designed and developed upon request of surgery professionals to address the difficulties of performing under Covid-19 conditions. Advanced version to include features like AR/VR, AI and machine learning, to support clinical decisions and decentralized interventions, such as remote intervention in critical situations or immersive training. 4 test campaigns in real environment simulating surgeries. Pre-series under development for testing and certification.

Advanced Medical Ventilator

Designed and developed in 45 days to address national shortage of medical equipment during the initial months of the Covid-19 pandemic. Atena V1 (rapidly manufactured version) is now in production and being tested in humans. A second version (Atena V2) is being developed towards the highest standards of sophisticated marketed ventilators.

Emergency Infrastructure Hub
Integrating vertical and horizontal mobility

Headquarters of 4LifeLAB, under the concept of emergency infrastructure hubs in centralized healthcare facilities (e.g. hospitals).
Early adoption of Urban Air Mobility, complimenting concepts for decentralized and remote healthcare and emergency response, based on “health-hubs” that set mobile bases for a network of small robotic, unmanned and autonomous surface and aerial vehicles (drone and robots) for delivery and pickup of samples, life support equipment, organs and remote medicine interface.

Testing Facilities integrated in the Technologial Free Zone of CHUSJ


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